Advanced Reporting Analytics

Focus on what’s important, with preconfigured, customizable dashboards that give quick and powerful insights.

Gain Operational Insight and Improve Strategic Analysis

Reporting and analytics are the brains behind any Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) solution.

Intelligent Service Management gives customers immediate insights into their ITSM operations. They can customize the data structure and reports to efficiently deliver insights—all without writing SQL.

This solution uses JasperSoft™ an industry leader in business intelligence. It provides an out-of-the-box data model (domain), plus more than 125 reports.

Benefit from Business Intelligence Capabilities

Reports and dashboards can be quickly composed and updated with a user-friendly GUI. With this best-in-class solution, you can:

  • Perform cost-benefit analysis on business services versus resource allocation
  • Design individual or organizational training plans, based on actions commonly taken or actions commonly taking too long
  • Execute threshold-based analysis on incidents, to detect possible problems
  • Monitor performance metrics for individuals, groups, or the enterprise
  • Identify opportunities for automation, based on resource use and task frequency
  • Drive agile catalog development, based on ticket cadence and categorization
Advanced Reporting Analytics