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Serviceaide Success Stories – Herning Municipality Improves Support Agent and Customer Access to Knowledge Articles

Case Study


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Herning Municipality is a municipality on the Jutland peninsula in western Denmark. With a population of almost 89,000, Herning Municipality is the 13th largest municipality in Denmark.

The Challenge

For 15 years, Herning municipality’s IT support team managed their internal knowledge management in a Lotus Notes database. That worked until the need for a more effective and integrated workflow arose. The team’s Lotus Notes solution was disconnected from their primary service desk solution, it was not easy to improve existing knowledge articles or remove outdated content, and the knowledge search process was time-consuming.

  • Cleaning up and Updating – Continuous knowledge improvement, a fundamental best practice of knowledge management, was not possible with the Lotus Notes solution. Because the system was not linked to the service catalog, knowledge articles were not deleted when services were taken out of operation.
  • Knowledge was not integrated with the primary service desk solution – Because the team’s service desk solution and knowledge database were not integrated, support agents had to work in two different systems, which was inefficient.
  • Pressure on support – The complicated and inefficient knowledge search capabilities resulted in wasted time and often the recreation of an already known solution.

The Solution

AHerning already used Serviceaide’s POB solution to manage their service desk and other business processes. It made good business sense to transition their legacy Lotus Notes knowledge base solution to the fully integrated knowledge management functionalities in POB to improve service desk operations.

With full integration between knowledge management the IT service desk, it became easy to extract knowledge from existing knowledge articles to help in case management. At the same time, solved cases easily form the basis of new knowledge articles.

With the system appropriately configured, a resolved case triggers a new knowledge article, containing all the case information.

The Results

The transition from the Lotus Notes-based database to fully utilizing Serviceaide’s POB service management solution has resulted in quicker resolution times and increased customer service quality.

  • Quick and easy knowledge updates – After the migration of existing knowledge to POB, support agents can easily update both cases and knowledge articles, without having to switch between two systems.
  • Improved efficiency – A single, comprehensive solution for IT service management improves efficiency with faster resolution times and reduced service desk calls.
  • Improved user satisfaction– A central, accessible, and robust repository of knowledge articles puts users in control and improves user satisfaction.

“There was some reluctance towards moving our knowledge into POB, but it has proved to be the right solution for our team.”

– Kim Skotte Larsen, Manager of Service and Architecture, IT and Digitalization at Herning Municipality

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