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A Virtual Agent That Never Stops Learning

Data Sheet

Knowledge is now integral to Luma, improving service and support to enable a more agile and autonomous service desk.

With this second generation platform, Luma Virtual Agent (VA) improves service management and customer experience by guiding users to the best solution and knowledge artifacts. Luma is an intelligent virtual assistant that blends machine-driven support and human-based experiences. With Natural Language Processing (NLP), conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows you to use everyday language to interact with a virtual agent and enables immediate responses around the clock. Through text or voice, customers can ask questions, find answers to problems, have their concerns addressed, etc.

Luma VA provides end users with better service experiences and enables service management teams to focus on higher value activities by offloading repetitive tasks. From ESM to ITSM and general service management, Luma VA leverages AI to streamline and improve service response, with an implementation plan that allows you to activate quickly.

Luma VA expands self-service adoption by allowing users to communicate through the messaging applications they already use, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat to name a few. Issues can be reported anywhere and at any time, in an intuitive manner.

Automate Manual Responsibilities for Entry Level Analysts:

Offer answers to common issues
Create and triage actionable tickets
Fill out catalog requests
Initiate automated fulfillment in external systems
Transfer interactions to support analysts when needed
Schedule support calls when required
Automate follow up

New Knowledge Features Enhance Luma Virtual Agent:

Serves up Knowledge. Luma serves as the bridge between data and the end requester.

Differentiates between request types. Luma can disambiguate the request for knowledge and serve up information that is the best fit.

Closes the loop. Luma provides feedback from interactions back into the knowledge base.

Provides better answers. Luma leverages contextual suggestions for new content and more effective responses.

Easy to implement skills

Extend Luma VA by using the codeless Luma Skills Builder tool. With a no code or low code set of workflows, we include over 200 re-usable skills and automated tasks targeted to the needs of self-service users. Luma’s skills are robust and flexible in order to accomplish complete tasks, not simple actions. Administrators can easily extend and customize the intelligent agent. Create an FAQ conversation in minutes or triage conversations that trigger the creation of a ticket. Expose your existing Service Catalog, add services powered by automated workflows or call any system that exposes REST or SOAP services. Luma VA is easy to implement, and you only pay for what you use.

Luma Virtual Agent Key benefits:

Easy Access

Luma VA enables requests to be reported conveniently through popular messaging apps or an embeddable web widget instead of having to launch an application, open a web browser or make a phone call.

Real Self Service

Deflect tickets and automate service delivery through a conversation. Provide immediate resolution to users without analyst involvement for up to 70% of your tickets. Utilize conversational FAQs and knowledge articles in the same interface. Capture all the information required and automatically categorize and prioritize ticket routing to eliminate incomplete and inaccurate information often coming from emails. Luma IVR, an interactive voice recognition capability allows companies to turn their PBX or IVR systems into intelligent virtual agents that simplify and automate the resolution of service requests from customers and enterprise end-users.

Close the knowledge gap

With new knowledge features, Luma VA can access your knowledge anywhere, making it available and actionable. Combined with the new Luma Enterprise Knowledge Hub, you can create a knowledge centered service to access data and federate it across the enterprise.

Enhanced Decision making

Automation is not the only goal of an AI-driven workflow. With Luma VA, the value of AI is making better decisions than what humans alone can do. This creates step-change improvement in efficiency and enables new capabilities. AI can be used to generate possibilities from which humans can pick the best alternative given the additional information they have access to.

Automate Services

Automate user requests such as reset password, add an account, or provision a virtual machine without any need for human intervention. Add your own workflows using an extensive inventory of connectors covering most common IT infrastructures.

Improved administration

With new tools and User Interface, it is easier than ever to use, and automate alerts. The latest release includes over 30 enhancements to Luma administration as well as new tool tips.

Our growing list of ITSM integrations include:

BMC Remedy, CA Service Desk Manager, Cherwell, ConnectWise, EasyVista, FreshService, Ivanti, Jira, Kaseya, ServiceNow, Serviceaide Intelligent Service Management, and Solarwinds Web Help Desk.

Automate Typical IT Functions with Luma Virtual Agent

Reset password
Manage users in Active Directory
Manage and authenticate in LDAP servers
Check service status on Linux and Windows
Start or stop services in AWS or Azure
Provision/deprovision a VM in AWS or Azure
Clean up a folder or disk
Execute PowerShell or SSH script
Execute SQL queries
Connectors for ticket ebonding to Cherwell, Atlassian, FreshService, Zendesk, Salesforce, ServiceNow
Send surveys, emails, and notifications.

99% of artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives in IT service management (ITSM) will fail due to the lack of an established knowledge management foundation.

Source: Gartner “When Will AI Virtual Support Agents Replace Your IT Service Desk”, April 2017

The future of service management is here. Luma VA is the only virtual agent on the market that combines AI-powered service and support with automation and knowledge.

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