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Serviceaide Success Stories – Academy Bank Streamlines Service Management, Purchasing, and Change Management with ITIL-based Automation

Case Study




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The Challenge

Academy Bank’s service desk was ready for a change. Their existing service management application had a confusing user interface, no reporting capability, and no access to historical data. Also, change management, purchasing, workload management and asset management relied on 100% manual processing.

“In our previous environment, ‘Lost in the shuffle’ was a common condition. Our service desk software was extremely limited; our purchasing, change management and asset management processes were largely paper based,” said Dana Hogan, Senior Vice President at Academy Bank. “Our purchasing process required the paper form to be passed around via interoffice mail or fax to as many as four people, who may have been located in different cities. Furthermore, our IT staff was in the dark regarding which changes were approved, to be implemented soon, and which had been implemented. Being paper based, the process completely lacked the ability to adequately communicate changes to the necessary parties.”

The Solution

After evaluating a wide range of IT service management solutions, Academy Bank chose POB for its all-inclusive, ITIL-based service management functionality, longevity in the industry, and a knowledgeable staff committed to the success of its business and team.

The Results

POB provides Academy Bank’s service management team with insight into staff case load and high-priority cases using key performance indicators (KPI). Even more, the staff has the ability to follow a clear escalation path for follow-up.

When it comes to purchasing and asset management, formerly manual product requests and warehousing transactions are now supported online with automated workflow that links the product requests with product orders. Approvals, audit tracking, and the ability to interface with the service desk ensures accuracy across all teams.

In addition, project and change management has improved with enforceable change management standards that eliminate paper-based processes and manual communication, and critical reporting for timely insights.

Finally, the Serviceaide’s scalable solution is flexible enough to expand beyond IT processes and now supports loan processes from the application stage, through the approval process and funding.

“We are very pleased to utilize a product that has the highest level of certifications from a trusted organization like Pink Elephant,” says Hogan. “Serviceaide’s solutions are helping us create uniformity in our IT and business processes. From service desk to asset management, Serviceaide has given us a solution that is flexible, will scale with our business, and allow us to manage all aspects of our IT infrastructure and expand into business processes.”

About Academy Bank
Academy Bank is a member of the Dickinson Financial Corporation, a major banking institution, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. Dickinson Financial Company has assets totaling $5.7 billion dollars and is a holding company for 6 banking charters including Academy Bank. Dickinson has over 220 branches located throughout the United States.

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About Serviceaide
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