If You’re a Managed Services Provider – Get Ahead, Don’t Just Get By Trying to Use a Service Management Solution That’s Not A Good Fit for Your Business Model


You have a choice, get by as best you can with an IT-oriented service management solution, or get ahead with a service management solution that expressly complements Managed Service Provider’s (MSP) business model and supports profitable growth. In other words, it’s a matter of using the right tool for the right job. It’s often possible to use a tool for an unintended purpose. The tool works, but not as well as you’d like and you are often handicapped by its limitations, or your costs are inflated implementing work-arounds.

As an example, if your job is to pound nails, it’s much more efficient to use a hammer than some other large blunt object like a large wrench. If you need to pound a lot of nails a nail gun will be most efficient. The same holds true if you’re mission is to run, scale and profitably grow a Managed Services business. You also need to support your growth in several dimensions beyond just growing your client base and revenue, you also need to support evolving processes and clients in different lines of business and industries. Service delivery agility and cost-efficiency are therefore paramount to your profitability and competitiveness.


A service management solution designed for IT use, that is – an IT Service Management (ITSM) solution, may not give you the flexibility needed to support a myriad of different clients in different industries because most ITSM solutions are designed to support a single organization – a single organization’s IT department. They are primarily intended to enable service delivery with operational efficiency and cost efficiency. What’s missing is the ability to rapidly launch differentiated services, and onboard and administer clients with the lowest possible time, cost and administration. So, while you may be able to use a typical ITSM solution for your MSP business it is very likely to take significant time and resources, including developing and maintaining custom software that adversely impacts your agility, your time to market and your profit margin.

What is a better solution for Managed Service Providers, and why? Unlike an organization’s IT department, a Managed Services Provider continually adds new clients, so optimizing this task is essential. Going a bit deeper, this means setting up a service management environment with specific processes, workflows and an end-user portal. And nowadays portals need to support a mobile user interface and a PC interface. Here are a couple ways to gain agility and cost savings:

  • Configuring functionality including workflows versus implementing them by creating custom software
  • Using a hosted solution, especially a SaaS solution that makes it easy to add new clients as new tenants

Broad and flexible configuration options to enable features and tailor out-of-the-box functionality without coding software, including processes and workflows on a secure and scalable multi-tenant infrastructure are why our Cloud Service Management® SaaS product is embraced by a growing number of MSPs. With just a single administrator an entire new client environment can be live and ready for onboarding. Not just for a single client or a few clients, but for hundreds of clients. This MSP-oriented solution enables an MSP to focus on their core competencies and business growth – capturing new clients, making them successful, and generating revenue at higher profit margins.

You have choices, so choose wisely. ServiceAide™ understands, which is why have been and remain committed to providing service management solutions aligned to your business model with investments and a roadmap focused on further enabling MSP operations with an intelligent nerve center. To help facilitate your choice, learn more about Cloud Service Management including giving it a test drive by taking advantage of our no-obligation free trial.