Turn The Help Desk you Have into the Service Desk You Want


As support analysts, we all want to close as many tickets as fast as we can. But wouldn’t it be better to avoid having those tickets in the first place? At ServiceAide, we know that every second of downtime comes at a cost. And too often, precious time is lost in these top 5 productivity nosedives:

  1. Triaging and routing tickets instead of closing them
  2. Working from tribal knowledge instead of documented information
  3. Manually managing service level agreements (SLAs)
  4. Operating in reactive mode
  5. Resolving Recurring Issues

If any of these issues sound frustratingly familiar, the good news is that it’s not you -it’s your Help Desk tool. Simple tools leave you operating in reactive mode, putting out fires instead of preventing them.

Support analysts, meet Service Desk. For the same price as a simple ticketing tool, Service Desk provides a robust solution for proactive Help Desk management that includes self-service, asset management, SLA support, and mobile access.

The Service Desk Features These Processes:

These standardized processes establish consistency and a solid framework for ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Self-Service Catalog
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Asset Discovery and Management
  • Mobile access

Self-Service Catalog

Long waiting times, inadequately trained support staff, and communication issues are some common causes of customer dissatisfaction. One of the best ways to alleviate pressure on your IT support team is to give your customers the tools they need to solve common problems themselves.

With the Service Desk Service Catalog, your customers can search for solutions, request services, and access pre-configured products and services quickly and efficiently. This user-friendly self-service improves customer experience while reducing operational costs. The visually intuitive service catalog looks like this:

Asset Discovery and Management

Tracking and managing assets using separate systems are time-consuming and prone to error. Service Desk Asset Management integrates with leading asset discovery solutions such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) for an out-of-the-box, single system solution to asset management.

Asset Management helps identify and monitor which assets are in use, need updating, are problematic, or are a security risk.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The Service Desk allows the creation and enforcement SLAs that are the foundation for strong customer relationships. SLAs allow you to establish a guaranteed level of service in an organization.

By implementing SLAs, you can specify the exact responsibilities of both parties, document roles, set deadlines, and clearly define terms of service. The better your SLAs, the more your customers benefit. Service Desk supports SLA implementation by allowing you to reliably track service delivery expectations and set alerts, so you can establish realistic expectations and proactively address issues before they reach your customers. A great way to earn high customer satisfaction is meeting and exceeding expectations, which is why having SLA enforcement is valuable.

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

We know that the success of your enterprise environment is largely defined by your ability to deliver outstanding IT services that give customers the work anywhere, anytime experience. Service Desk’s iOS and Android apps deliver mobility with no extra development infrastructure, giving support analysts, administrators, and your customer’s seamless access whenever they need it.

Service Desk provides the tools and framework for you to preemptively solve problems before tickets appear, with faster time-to-resolution for the tickets that canít be avoided. You’ll reduce downtime while achieving higher and more consistent customer satisfaction rates. Explore all of the benefits on our Service Desk product page.