One thing, one person, one idea, one something often makes a big difference.
That’s the power of 1.

At ServiceAide™ we embrace the power of 1, which is why we made our Cloud Service Management™ product friction-free, burden-free and simple to use. Its 1 solution used by many organizations around the world for customer support and for robust IT Service Management (ITSM).

Do any of the following apply to your organization’s status regarding Service Management?

  • You are just getting started
  • You have no processes
  • You do have one or more processes and they are very simple

If any of the above apply to your organization, then choosing Cloud Service Management will enable you to quickly realize the many benefits from the power of 1. Your organization can be live within 1 week with automated processes, service level agreement enforcement, and a myriad of capabilities that empower service excellence.

If your organization is large or has complex processes, it too will benefit from the power of 1, although the implementation and go-live time will likely be longer than 1 week.

The power of 1 is very valuable for managed service providers, other types of technology services providers or when your organization needs to have separate Service Management environments (e.g., to keep problems and issues of different departments separated). Dedicated Service Management environments for your clients and/or organizational departments can easily be created by just 1 administrator in less than 1 hour.

The power of 1 highlights the simplicity of administering Cloud Service Management. Most organizations that use it for Service Desk and/or IT purposes have just 1 person assigned as the administrator, and this person is very lightly loaded. Just the 1 administrator is typically loaded at 25% and often less, even for organization’s that:

  • process high volumes of problems, tickets and requests
  • have thousands of support analysts
  • need to support thousands of customers and/or end-users

When your customers and end-users of your systems have a problem or a request for service, they expect responsiveness and an expedient and satisfactory resolution. They expect a 1-to-1 experience. The combination of in-browser and mobile apps allows support analysts to resolve more problems, issues and requests more responsively. Giving customers and end-users the 1-to-1 experience they expect raises your customer satisfaction ratings, not just the power of 1, but also the power of 1:1.

The power of 1 greatly contributes to achieving more – such as: more work on other projects, more cost-savings and capital to invest elsewhere. Imagine what more your organization can achieve leveraging the power of 1. You don’t have to – test drive Cloud Service Management and find out for yourself.