Turn the Help Desk You Have into The Service Desk You Want

Turn The Help Desk you Have into the Service Desk You Want   As support analysts, we all want to close as many tickets as fast as we can. But wouldn’t it be better to avoid having those tickets in the first place? At ServiceAide, we know that every second of downtime... Read more

How does ServiceAide Compare to ServiceNow?  

How does ServiceAide Compare to ServiceNow?   Regardless of the type of business you’re running or even the industry you’re operating in, the success of your customers is one of the major keys to success for your organization as a whole. This is why help desk ticketing... Read more

When You Only Need A Service Desk

ServiceAide expanded it reknowned, robust and proven Cloud Service Management product into a product line platform to give you a choice. The Service Desk product built on our platform gives you a choice of solutions to match your needs and your budget. To help you decide which... Read more

ServiceAide Introduces Robust Yet Affordable New Service Desk

Organizations Have New Option to Raise Customer Satisfaction and Lower Service Management Costs SAN JOSE, Calif. and São Paulo, Brazil June 22, 2017 - ServiceAide, Inc., announces immediate availability of their new Service Desk product, giving organizations affordable choices of... Read more

Divide and Conquer

Dividing and conquering is an adage and a successful strategy. The strategy also applies to consistently delivering excellent individualized customer support. Every business, even similar competing businesses in the same industry, have unique aspects of their processes and how... Read more

The Power of 1

One thing, one person, one idea, one something often makes a big difference. That’s the power of 1. At ServiceAide™ we embrace the power of 1, which is why we made our Cloud Service Management™ product friction-free, burden-free and simple to use. Its 1 solution used by many... Read more

Processes, Automation and Systems Drive Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is critical because it directly impacts lifetime customer value and your support costs. Highly satisfied customers also drive referrals, testimonials and positive influence via social media that impact your revenue. Organizations recognize customer... Read more

Using the Right Tool for the Job Is Always the Best Choice

If You’re a Managed Services Provider – Get Ahead, Don’t Just Get By Trying to Use a Service Management Solution That’s Not A Good Fit for Your Business Model   You have a choice, get by as best you can with an IT-oriented service management solution, or get ahead with a... Read more

Why is Problem Management So Hard?

When organizations start implementing an ITIL solution, the first Service Support process implemented tends to be Incident Management. This process is the easiest to understand at all levels of an organization – after all – things always go wrong and break, so they will need... Read more

Service Desk with DevOps

There is a lot of discussion going on about ITIL VS DevOps – are the two compatible? Can a nimble DevOps organization coexist with an ITIL based Service Desk?  Can ITIL keep up with DevOps or will DevOps leave ITIL in the dust due to the new methodologies that abound for it? Is... Read more