Divide and Conquer

Dividing and conquering is an adage and a successful strategy. The strategy also applies to consistently delivering excellent individualized customer support. Every business, even similar competing businesses in the same industry, have unique aspects of their processes and how... Read more

The Power of 1

One thing, one person, one idea, one something often makes a big difference. That’s the power of 1. At ServiceAide™ we embrace the power of 1, which is why we made our Cloud Service Management™ product friction-free, burden-free and simple to use. Its 1 solution used by many... Read more

Using the Right Tool for the Job Is Always the Best Choice

If You’re a Managed Services Provider – Get Ahead, Don’t Just Get By Trying to Use a Service Management Solution That’s Not A Good Fit for Your Business Model   You have a choice, get by as best you can with an IT-oriented service management solution, or get ahead with a... Read more

So You’ve Added a New Client!

Congratulations!  You have signed a contract with a new client for your team to manage their services!  Now what? What is the best way to onboard your new client? As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), this is one of the most critical moments that will make or break your success... Read more

Amazon’s move into Managed Services

What does Amazon’s move into Managed Services mean for MSPs? Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently introduced its suite of managed services called AWS Managed Services (MS). In a blog post announcing the launch, AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr states that this new offering from... Read more