Today everyone is used to buying from catalogs in a storefront metaphor. Cloud Service Management (CSM) provides the same intuitive visual cues and icons to expose IT and business services to users.  Using a storefront and catalog approach means users don’t require training to find what they need.  They’ll use the online catalog instead of burdening the organization with phone calls or emails.  New services may be added easily and made immediately accessible to users.

For your organization, the storefront and catalog approach enables presenting unified business and IT services, in one place, accessed (and supported) by the same method. Your organization can now structure catalogs in an intuitive fashion for all your business departments and structure IT services to best align with your various types of services such as help, support, and provisioning.

For both IT and business departments, supporting users could never be easier. You have one place to display your offerings, Adding, changing, and publishing services is a common process irrespective of the type of services, and which department defined and supports it.

The storefront and catalog approach supports everything you need to control who can see which service:

  • Eligibility to request a service
  • Tracking of costs and handling chargebacks
  • Back office approvals and provisioning.

CSM’s out of the box connectors make it easy to provision internally.  It can be through an auto generated email, software download, or externally, by connecting to outside suppliers to facilitate direct shipment hard goods to the user.  With the full power and ease of use of our Service Automation behind the storefront, automating the service is easy for any department without having programming skills.

Users benefit from a single source for all their needs, a search mechanism allowing them to easily find what they need, immediate feedback, status updates, and less frustration.  Turnaround times are much shorter since they don’t need to know which department is providing the service – no more trying to figure out if they need to go to IT, HR, or Accounting – it’s all in one place.

Unifying business services and IT services into one storefront portal makes user access intuitive and less frustrating, and reduces the support costs of the business.  It’s the way people expect to find and use products and services, simple and powerful.

  • Reduced service costs from an intuitive single portal that alleviates user confusion, as well as reducing errors and manual support
  • Better customer satisfaction due to greater visibility, accessibility, and usability
  • Reduced TCO via provisioning automation and a single point to manage

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