Integral to ServiceAide’s Cloud Service Management (CSM) solution is the drag-and-drop Process Workflow Designer.  It enables service providers and business managers to design and automate their workflows and processes.

The ServiceAide process designer is simple to learn, with no programing involved. Most of our customers have assigned business knowledgeable employees, not programmers, to automate their processes and requests. And they have successfully done so without formal training on the tool itself.

Efficient and fast creation of automated services are enabled with pre-defined flows for several common IT processes, and out of the box integrations and connectors. You can use it to:

  • Fully automate your service desk
  • Automatically provision a service chosen from your service catalog
  • Assign a problem to a qualified agent, manage changes, or just notify users when service issues exist.

Automating your tasks is simple and extremely cost effective.

ServiceAide’s Workflow Process Designer is not just for IT. The tool is simple so  non-IT business users can  automate departmental processes, reducing the burden from complex tasks such as manual entry, order or request tracking, notifications, and approvals of everyday requests and tasks. Want to automate the approval cycle for an HR request for tuition reimbursement? No problem, an HR expert that understands the current process can define it in ServiceAide, and then have it added to HR’s request catalog.


Today automation is the key to lowering your cost of service, and improving service response times, and improving customer satisfaction.  It simply can’t be done faster or cheaper than through automation.

  • Reduce operational costs to a minimum by letting the machine handle it
  • Improve quality through consistent policy-based processing
  • Gain visibility from built in tracking of each process
  • Reduce risk by managing change in one place
  • Improve responsiveness by running at the speed of the machine
  • Analyze and envision improvements through processing metrics

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