Let’s be candid, the more a user does on their own, the less cost and overhead on the organization. The good news is that is what they want! They feel empowered and in control. So Cloud Service Management (CSM) gives you the tool to provide a great user portal. Their happy, your budget is happy, a win-win.

Users are now accustomed to helping themselves so CSM provides an intuitive interface supporting all the information, services, notices, and search capabilities available to them in a way that IT can easily configure and secure it.

Out of the box, CSM provides a full featured service center that empowers users to search for a resolution to their issues, request a service from a service catalog, receive notifications, collaborate with other users and agents, get reports,  track requests and services, and log tickets.  Everything they need to manage their needs, and they can do so from their desktop and on from their preferred mobile device.

An empowered user is the new normal. CSM allows the business to maximize the benefits of self-care in a way that is powerful, yet measured and controlled. The best part of all is users can solve problems without creating a ticket or needlessly using other high-touch and costly methods.

  • Reduced TCO by using readily available prescribed cost-effective  solutions, rather than investigating or reinventing
  • Lower MTTR from quickly finding a workable solution
  • Better customer satisfaction as empowered users perform self-care
  • Sustained cost reduction from consistent  reuse of approved, cost effective  solutions and best practices

To find out more about the advantages of ServiceAide’s Self Service contact ServiceAide at info@serviceaide.com