Cloud Service Management (CSM) is a pure cloud based offering – multi-tenant from the ground up, CSM is not an on premise solution masquerading as a cloud offering.  We are not splitting support between two types of implementation. CSM inherently provides all the true benefits of a cloud based solution.

CSM is more cost effective because we support one code base and one form of implementation, which requires supporting only one release. That’s the only way to get the benefits of the cloud model. Our customers gain distinct advantages:

  • Lower licensing costs
  • Predictable costs
  • Rapid onboarding, worry-free scalability, no capex costs, zero system administration, immediate trouble-free access to new releases.

All this supported by high availability geo-replicated data centers, a robust user community focused exclusively on the same release, and a support team that is completely dedicated to your release.

Zero upfront costs are a benefit to both IT organizations and MSPs. Pay for what you use, when you use it. Unsure how much capacity you’ll need in 6 months, 12 months? No problem, we’ll scale your implementation, appropriately.  You won’t have to worry about planning, sizing, or procurement.  If you’re an MSP that needs to quickly on-board new clients, its fast because provisioning is handled by configuration.

We care about the performance of our cloud service; we have to because all our customers are using the same service. Big or small, our customers are on the same infrastructure so they all benefit from the same highly scalable solution and the team that supports it.

CSM’s pure cloud offering provides benefits that are unmatched in a full featured, ITIL verified solution.

  • Low license costs from a true pure play cloud offering
  • Predicable costs
  • Outstanding support from a team dedicated to one solution, one release
  • Robust like-minded homogeneous community
  • Zero capex costs
  • Worry-free scalability

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