When an problem or task takes more than a few hours to complete or resolve, or involves several resources and steps, treating it as a project can yield significantly improved results, improve your SLAs, and ensure management visibility.

CSM provides an ITIL verified Project Management solution that is completely integrated into the functions of service. So whenever a situation arises that needs more than an informal plan, a project management tool is there to seamlessly configure with the deliverables, tasks, resources, and timeline to hit your goals, commitments, or SLAs. Instead of having to use an external tool, and somehow extract or populate your IT data into it, CSM’s project management tool is there for you, integrated into your operations, your data, tickets, configuration items – what you need is there and can be easily used as project task data to form a project plan.

CSM enables tying service management process with project plans and vice versa. For example, due to the complexity of a change request, perhaps a software upgrade of multiple environments, a project plan may be beneficial to manage it. By creating a project and selecting the configuration items involved, you have seamlessly integrated a plan with your operational data.


When work involves coordination of resources, a defined plan with organizational visibility and solid oversight are critical to meeting commitments. Planning and management can be a lot of overhead unless the data required is available is and kept in synch with operations. CSM has the data, so just plan out your project and CSM will keep it in synch as changes to operational data occurs.

  • Improved achievement of commitments and SLA compliance due to the visibility and management provided by a project plan
  • Improved cost tracking from detailed resource tracking
  • More accurate budgeting and scheduling on future projects using historical project analysis

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