Today’s users find it just as easy to access IT services on their preferred mobile device, as on their desktop.  The principle behind ServiceAide’s mobile experience is flexibility and ease of use. ServiceAide’s Cloud Service Management (CSM) solution provides an intuitive and collaborative mobile experience.

Let’s face it, users simply expect IT to be accessible thru their mobile devices.  ServiceAide’s mobile application is easily downloaded from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. No training is needed on the application itself. It’s that simple.

Users can easily log and update incidents from their mobile devices.  They can:

  • Track their interactions with the Service Desk
  • See at a glance all their outstanding requests
  • Be kept apprised of any IT outages or issues
  • Search knowledge articles to assist them with self-care.

Perhaps most importantly users can collaborate with IT on the go, from anywhere at any time. Any actions required in support of a request or process – like staying informed and keeping the business on track can be done through the mobile interface, Even things like adding information about an issue or performing an approval. And when a user returns to their desk or a different device altogether, they can pick up right where they left off. Mobile support means IT is always on, always supportive.

And if your customers have their own mobile portal, use our APIs to connect theirs to ServiceAide. You won’t be alone.  Several of our top MSPs operate this way as it provides a completely seamless way to provide 3rd party support to an established organization.Mobile is no longer an option; it’s the way we all work. Customers and field agents need the flexibility of service and support while away from their desk. Without a full featured mobile capability, you can’t deliver the service your customers expect and have grown accustomed to receiving.

  • Improved value to customers through ubiquitous accessibility to service and support
  • Better customer satisfaction from improved responsiveness, communications, and visibility
  • Lower MTTR due to better information capture and flow at the location of the issue
  • Improved responsiveness by enabling a mobile workforce
  • Reduced TCO from flexible workforce utilization

To find out more about the advantages of ServiceAide’s Mobility contact ServiceAide at