As an IT professional you know that the knowledge and experience of your organization determine its effectiveness.  Capturing that knowledge, and most importantly using and reusing it effectively is one of the most powerful best practices in all of IT.

Cloud Service Management (CSM) provides an ITIL verified Knowledge Management (KM) capacity that enables you to ensure that IT professional’s knowledge is translated into answers and solutions available to both agents and users.

Reusing a proven (and authorized) solution is the cornerstone to achieving a maturity level within an IT group.  More importantly, it results in:

  • Overall cost reduction
  • Better agent productivity
  • The need for less experienced agents
  • Consistent SLA achievement
  • Higher customer satisfaction

The upside is significant.  The challenge is to ensure the policies, process, and tools are in place to capture knowledge consistently when it’s known, so agents and users become knowledge workers.

CSM’s ITIL verified Knowledge Management solution is completely integrated into the functions of ITSM. CSM’s was built with the knowledge worker in mind, not just agents but users as well. In fact, the success of customer Self-care and particularly its impact on the business is primarily a result of getting the right knowledge into the hands of the user given the situation they face. For both internal (agent) use and (external) user use, this is the goal of CSM’s KM.

Resolving issues, providing support, and managing changes are knowledge-based functions. Capitalizing on your organization’s knowledge and consistently reusing it is one of the best practices to scalable growth at a competitive cost and higher profitability.

  • Scalable low-cost growth by reusing  solutions and needing  experienced resources
  • Reduced costs by improved self-service, which sheds calls and prevents tickets
  • Reduced  MTTR by the immediate application of  proven solutions
  • Higher customer satisfaction by effective self-care user empowerment

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