This isn’t your fathers help desk. Cloud Service Management (CSM) provides a modern ITIL verified help desk solution that focuses on solutions, not just entry and tracking.

It starts with enabling user requests from anywhere, email, web, phone, fixed or mobile.  It orchestrates the best means available to handle requests, whether that is via self-service, an automated resolution process, tapping into knowledge database for a resolution, or using skills-based routing to get to the best-qualified agent or any combination of these. CSM provides flexibility and facilitates productive teams which can quickly and efficiently service users to maximize user satisfaction and reduce the impact of issues.

For every organization, the help desk is still the first line of support, and its importance grows every day due to the accelerating advances in technology and seemingly relentless increases in business complexity.  Users can’t slow down, and any disruption in their job comes at a cost to the business. The need for excellence in help functions is why CSM was built with the help desk as a core capability completely meshed with all ITSM capacities of the CSM product. With CSM you are not limited to a reduced set of “help desk” functions.  You have the power of an entire ITSM solution working as your help desk, even if that is primarily what you need today.

With all the power of CSM ITSM solution, your help desk can be automated where procedures can be defined to resolve issues, knowledge-centric when resolutions are documented, optimally assigned and intelligently routed when support staff is required and escalated when SLAs are approaching.  Regardless of the method of handling, the same tracking, analytics, and SLA management are available to optimize and continuously improve operations.


At the end of the day, the job done helping users and customers is still the way your organization is measured. Whether in beak-fix mode or providing general IT support, a successful help desk must be a top priority. With a full featured ITSM solution, CSM enables you to easily implement optimize your help desk given your organization’s size and staffing level.

  • Better customer satisfaction from improved responsiveness, communications, and visibility
  • Lower MTTR due to full featured ITSM to optimize issue and request handling
  • Reduced TCO from automation and optimal resource routing
  • SLA compliance insurance from 360-degree visibility and escalation no matter what handling approach(s)  taken

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