In today’s knowledge based economy nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find information.  Nothing is more empowering than when you have it at your fingertips.

ServiceAide’s Elastic-based search capability allows you to quickly find what you need by performing Contextual Searches. Cloud Service Management’s (CSM) global search knows ITSM constructs, so you can specify the filters that make sense to your search.

Contextually aware drop downs aid the process since you often don’t need to type the name of the items you are looking for.  In fact, you don’t need to know their names beforehand. CSM knows what’s in your data, so you can choose the search term from a pick list.  Let’s face it,  one of the problems with traditional search engines is  it’s hard to find something if you don’t know exactly what it is your looking for – how its spelled, what ticket or asset it belongs to or when it was created.  CSM’s Elastic based contextual search makes searching for something you are not completely sure about – a sure thing.

Not only is our global contextual search easier to use, and much more likely to find what you are looking for, it runs faster too. Free form searches simply can’t provide the speed and power that our Elastic implementation provides.

In today’s IT environment the difference between a knowledge enabled organization and one that isn’t able to effectively use and reuse knowledge is existential. You can’t survive if you don’t leverage your assets, and your knowledge is your greatest asset. CSM is focused on ensuring you have the tools to create, associate, maintain, and  find what you need as easily as possible.

  • Improved MTTR by quickly finding existing problem resolutions and associated items
  • Reduced operational costs by reusing knowledge versus recreating it
  • Reduced risk by finding and applying established resolutions and procedures

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