The Cloud Service Management products are fully internationalized. Each user can select their preferred language, date format, and time zone to personalize their experience.  This makes it easy to support your international footprint. The provided Language Catalog has translations for all system fields and labels and allows administrators to add their own translations based on organizational preferences and new custom attributes that are added.   Reports may also be generated in the language of choice, assuming the data is in that language. We are always adding languages to support our growing global business, so contact us for the most up-to-date list:

English            Finnish            Swedish           Russian
Italian             French              German            Spanish
Chinese          Japanese         Portuguese (Brazilian)


When your organization needs to support multiple international locations or clients, localization is the most effective method to ensure the same configuration can be used across all locations.  Users see the language they work in, but common administration is possible saving significant time and effort by supporting one implementation, but you also have the flexibility to customize the labels and fields based on the user’s language.

  • Lower TCO for international operations by using one tool, with one configuration
  • Improved Customer satisfaction and engagement using customizable language catalogs
  • Ability to download and install the appropriately localized version of the mobile app
  • Organizations with global footprints can seamlessly operate across international boundaries

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