The Service Desk leverages the full Service Management solution’s ITIL-verified Incident Management and Request Fulfillment capabilities to give you a highly effective help desk or more feature-rich service desk. You will surely raise your customer’s satisfaction with this Service Desk. The integrated survey feature helps you measure and improve satisfaction; it also makes it easy to capture feedback directly from your customers.

The ease of entering and troubleshooting Incidents, linking incidents with assets, and finding and applying resolutions turbocharges your Service operations. Intuitive workflows are optimized to help you quickly understand and resolve incidents and requests with little or no training.  Workflow actions can be triggered by incoming email, or by selection of a service from your Service Catalog. Request fulfillment, depending upon the request, can be automated or routed for approval. Activity visibility and transparency keeps end-users and management informed. Tracking and communication of incidents automatically notifies users when there is a change in the status of the incident and when the incident is resolved. Additional features and benefits include:

  • Higher and more consistent customer satisfaction
  • Lower Ongoing service costs
  • Lower resolution times

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