When issues are acknowledged and resolved, and when requests are fulfilled quickly and accurately your internal and external customers are delighted. Often acknowledgment, resolution, and fulfillment must be within agreed-to time frames (aka Service Level Agreements or SLA). Our Service Desk aides your ability to meet and exceed SLAs and other formal and informal expectations. Out-of-the-box event workflows include predefined SLAs that you can use as-is or modify. Creating and enforcing multiple different SLAs, like everything else with our Service Desk, is easy and does not require coding. Support analysts have at-a-glance visibility to tickets with aging SLAs so they can prioritize their activities to ensure compliance (the red badge in the upper left of the screenshot below shows tickets nearing an SLA breach). Automatic escalation of tickets nearing an SLA breach further ensures compliance. SLAs activity and metrics are automatically tracked and for analysis and reporting to highlight recurring issues and drive continuous improvement.

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