Customer satisfaction is critical because it directly impacts lifetime customer value and your support costs. Highly satisfied customers also drive referrals, testimonials and positive influence via social media that impact your revenue. Organizations recognize customer satisfaction as a critical success factor and therefore are on a never-ending quest to heighten customer satisfaction.

Maintaining high customer satisfaction is an ongoing effort, especially when customer support activity increases as your product portfolio and/or market share grow. In such environments, the volume and velocity of activity makes it impossible for support analysts to track and resolve issues using only manual methods. Automation, processes and systems that can scale are therefore necessary to facilitate customer support.

Service Management and Service Desk solutions, such as Cloud Service Management™ have been used for many years to facilitate issue closure from the time of submission through to resolution. These solutions automate routing and escalation of issues to subject matter experts and/or supervisors to ensure accurate resolutions. The solutions also enforce responsiveness and timely closure, which are critical for organizations guaranteeing response and resolution time frames with service level agreements.

Being responsive and resolving issues promptly are table stakes in the Service Management market. Going further, very fast resolution up to and including proactive resolution and issue prevention “wows” customers and drives very high satisfaction by exceeding expectations. Proactive resolution and issue prevention are made possible by quickly surfacing insights such as patterns, trends and predicting the occurrence of likely issues. Such insights drive self-service resolution and enable analysts to respond and resolve faster than ever before. Both of which increases customer satisfaction and lowers support costs. The automation and systems required to achieve this level of new heightened level of service must combine data integration, machine learning and analytics. This is exactly what ServiceAide™ is doing – innovating and extending the power and flexibility of the Cloud Service Management platform with these technologies that you can readily leverage to “wow” your customers.

When launched, these capabilities will complement the platform’s already unique multi-level scalability to provide a new era of Service Management solutions that are more efficient than has ever before as well as being a key enabler for organizations such as yours to nimbly create and offer new services that give you a competitive advantage to win more net new business.

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