ServiceAide expanded it reknowned, robust and proven Cloud Service Management product into a product line platform to give you a choice. The Service Desk product built on our platform gives you a choice of solutions to match your needs and your budget.

To help you decide which product to choose, the features, functionality and benefits of both products, the Service Desk and Service Management, are listed on the comparison chart that’s accessible from the new Try Now page. If you need broad IT Service Management (ITSM) processes then the Service Management product is for you. If your organization needs match either of the following scenarios, then the Service Desk is ideal for you.

  • Your organization needs to support external customers using your IT systems, including any delivered “as a service”
  • Your organization needs to support internal customers (personnel) using your IT systems (e.g., computers, printers, servers)

Why You Should Use A Service Desk

Customer satisfaction and operational efficiency are universal critical success factors that necessitate formal processes. How your organization services its internal and external customers impacts satisfaction and efficiency, as well as costs, margins, your competitive position and your brand. That’s what our Service Desk does – it systematizes and hence ensures the processes and best practices that assure your entire service delivery team is consistently responsive, accurate and helpful.

The Service Desk is highly configurable, which makes it a “living tool” that enables your organization to start simple and go live quickly with robust out-of-the-box functionality. The product contains depth  to custom tailor service catalogs, workflows, approvals, activity data and automation with just 1 administrator. This enables easily and cost-effectively continuously improving, evolving, adapting and formalizing your processes to remain aligned with your changing business objectives and evolving operational workflows.

The Service Desk edition is readily available for self-service unaided evaluation and purchase on a try-to-buy basis. You can start a free trial to use the fully-functional version of the Service Desk for evaluation, including for production use (for free for a limited time). Anything you setup, configure or create is available to use thereafter by purchasing one or more subscription licenses. To keep things simple, you can purchase subscription licenses within the Service Desk software.

Service Desk Key Benefits

  • Ultra-low ongoing cost of ownership
  • No cost or burden of maintaining custom code
  • Just 1 part-time administrator is all you need to get started and keep your Service Desk operating
  • Drive high customer satisfaction with mobile and web access that enables anytime, anywhere responsive customer service and self-service resolution
  • No-cost and no-risk upgrade from the Service Desk edition to the Service Management edition enables your organization to start quickly, easily and affordably and adapt and evolve your instance of our Service Desk in step with your business growth and process maturity
  • Refer to the Service Desk webpage for more details