Hyper-SaaS™ is an architecture and framework for quickly and easily implementing production-ready applications that run in the cloud, scale in multiple dimensions, broadly connect to enterprise data landscapes and use machine intelligence to surface actionable insights. Hyper-SaaS is transforming Service Desk and IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions from just procedure-based ticket processing and intelligently automated Service Management solutions; to truly aide service excellence by enhancing the entire service delivery experience with contextually relevant actionable insights. The architecture includes 3 foundational technologies: hyper-scalability, hyper-connectivity and hyper-intelligence.

Powerful Business Benefits

Applications implemented using the Hyper-SaaS architecture, such as Cloud Service Management, provide uniquely powerful business benefits:

  • Service Management Efficiency
  • IT Operational Efficiency


Makes Service Management scaling and business-scaling possible. Service Management scaling enables clients to efficiently manage different organizational entities such as: teams, departments, geographic locations, etc. Business scaling enables clients to effortlessly become a provider of SaaS solutions for commercial sale. Leveraging hyper-scalability makes it simple for just 1 administrator to provision custom-tailored production-ready solutions with specific data fields, service catalogs, approvals, workflows and visual branding. It’s also simple to administer roles and credentials for support analysts.


Bridges data captured by and stored in the Service Management platform with other data throughout an enterprise’s broader IT landscape. Real-time access to hyper-connected data by Service Management applications gives greater context into incidents, problems, potential problems and resolutions. End-users and support analysts use the contextually relevant and actionable insights to resolve more issues with either no touch or as little touch as possible, respectively. Hyper-connectivity also enables integration of Service Management applications with other enterprise systems.


Greatly enhances Service Management by analyzing hyper-connected data to surface contextually relevant actionable insights and prescribe the most probable resolutions. Service Management excellence and end-user satisfaction are uplifted because:

  • Support analysts resolve more issues on the first touch, often very quickly, because it takes less time to understand, research and resolve issues
  • End-users resolve issues on a self-service “no touch” basis, giving them the type of interactive user experience they expect from modern systems

“ServiceAide is the only vendor we found whose products enable us to scale in a way that perfectly complements our business – managing IT infrastructures for many clients. We love that Hyper-SaaS makes it possible for us to cost-effectively manage all clients with just 1 administrator!”

- Curtis Shelton

Chief Revenue Officer, Corporate Software Services, Inc.