New ServiceAide CSM Update Released – Goldfish

As of January 28th, 100% of customers are on the latest release – That’s always my favorite thing to say. As someone who managed on-premise products for many years, this was the dream scenario. It’s a great feeling to know that all customers have access to the latest enhancements and patches.

So why is this release called “Goldfish”? We started using lucky symbols to name our releases a while back starting with Acorn and then Bamboo and have now reached the letter “G” in the alphabet. Since we release every quarter a name doesn’t really matter. So we like to have fun with the names and hope that each release brings us a bit more luck.

This release focused on analyst productivity, performance and user experience. We included eight customer created ideas from the Cloud Service Management community. In total, we have now included 50+ customer ideas since our community voting process began in July 2014.

Key Enhancements
Analysts and end users can now find tickets, users, catalog items, assets, and configuration items faster with our greatly improved Elastic Search feature. This search supports a huge set of advanced search parameters to allow power users to query the system for very specific results. This greatly improves analyst productivity. Elastic search also lays the groundwork for improving search and performance in other areas of the application in the future.

Elastic Search

Elastic Search in Cloud Service Management

Analysts using the ScratchPad now have more flexibility in creating tickets quickly. The ScratchPad is designed specifically for fast ticket creation for level 1 agents and call center agents. It allows for ACD integration, simple data entry and note taking.


Fast ticket entry for level 1 analysts

On the user experience side, we improved many areas of the attachment experience including notifications and tracking.

The last big item that the team worked on as part of this release is a brand new mobile app for iOS and Android. This app is targeted at analysts who need to manage their ticket queue from their mobile device. This is now beginning beta testing and will be announced later in February. Look for another blog very soon on that.

There are many other smaller features included in this release. For a full list please review our What’s New document on the wiki.