The Faster You Understand an Issue, The Faster You Can Resolve It

Often the most challenging and slowest part of resolving an end-user’s issue is trying to diagnose and troubleshoot issues based on a poorly worded description in a text field or back-and-forth dialog via phone or text-based chat. When it comes to understanding support tickets, seeing what’s happening takes away the guesswork and raises effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Screenshots help, but seeing the issue while it’s happening is the most efficient way to support someone who needs help. And the best way to do that is by sharing the screen with a support analyst to let them discover and resolve the root cause.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Bomgar, the leader in secure remote support, to integrate their Remote Support solution with our Cloud Service Management™ products. This integration brings the efficiency of a remote site visit to a support analyst’s desktop, allowing them to connect directly to user’s computer to resolve tickets quickly; often on the first contact.

Improving Time to Resolution

Bomgar’s text chat, screen sharing and remote control capabilities are initiated directly within the Cloud Service Management products when viewing a ticket just clicking a button, as shown in the screenshot below. The complete chat transcript and screen sharing video are recorded and linked to the ticket, so they can be easily accessed for auditing, future support sessions, and for analyst training.

Improving End-User Productivity and Satisfaction

Support analysts using our Service Desk and Service Management products are better empowered to achieve first contact resolutions or shorten call times and eliminate site visits. End-users return to full productivity faster with a higher regard for their support analysts.

Read more about the Bomgar integration and watch the demo here.

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